Sony Picture's Television and Komixx entertainment have announced a deal to work together on making a ten-part CHERUB TV series.

Sony are one of the world's largest producers of TV shows, with a slate of award winning shows including The Crown, Breaking Bad and Robot Chicken.

You can see more about the news at VARIETY.COM

Robert Muchamore gave us his thoughts on the development:

'Obviously having a giant company like Sony getting behind the CHERUB TV project is great news, and makes the show much more likely to happen.
'Before fans get wildly excited, it's worth remembering that even big studios like Sony work on many projects that don't come to fruition and we are still at an early stage in development.
'The next step is to find a broadcaster who wants the show, and to start work on a script.
'I'm cautiously optimistic, and hopefully we'll have lots more news on the project before the end of 2018,
'But it's early days! Don't start asking me when the show is going to be broadcast, or if you can play James just yet!'
Robert Muchamore