HOW CHERUB began...

'Gripping adventure ... Muchamore knows exactly how to write for teenagers and this is fantastic.' - The Sun
'This clever, tense novel is a great way of getting bored boys interested in history.' — The Times, on The Escape.

June 1940
Hitler's army is advancing towards Paris, and millions of French civilians are on the run. Amidst the chaos, two British children are being hunted by German agents. British spy Charles Henderson tries to reach them first, but he can only do it with the help of a twelve year old French orphan.

The British secret service is about to discover that kids working undercover will help to win the war...





Back in 2001 when I wrote CHERUB: The Recruit I had no idea that it would be so successful, or that I'd end up writing so many books about James Adams and his friends. Fans were always asking me how CHERUB began and what the initials stood for. So I decided to make a new series about the beginning of CHERUB.

The world of Henderson's Boys is rougher and more dangerous than CHERUB. Instead of drug dealers and terrorists the enemy is a brutal Nazi regime that will torture and kill young agents if they're captured. I hope you enjoy meeting Charles Henderson and the first CHERUB agents!


Robert Muchamore