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What are Killer T and Arctic Zoo?

Killer T and Arctic Zoo are standalone stories, published in 2018 and 2019.

Will Robert be writing more books after Arctic Zoo?

The first book in Robert’s new Robin Hood series will be released in early 2020.



Robin what?

Robert Muchamore’s Robin Hood is a brand new series of books. Set in the 2020s, it tells the story of twelve-year-old Robin as he escapes into Sherwood Forest and battles the evil Sheriff of Nottingham.

But isn’t Robin Hood like, eight hundred years ago, with people in feathered hats with bows and arrows?

Nobody knows the origins of the Robin Hood legend, though most people agree that he wasn’t a real person.
The earliest known mentions of Robin Hood are in 12th century poems. Since then Robin’s story has been re-imagined by hundreds of writers and filmmakers.
Many versions stick close to the original medieval stories, but there have been more radical versions. Robert Muchamore’s favorite version is Robin and the Seven Hoods, in which Robin is a gangster in 1920s Chicago!
Robert Muchamore’s Robin Hood is set in a modern world of computer hackers, asylum seekers and greedy billionaires!

How many books and when will they be released?

The first book Hacking, Heists and Flaming Arrows will be released in the UK in April 2020. Three more Robin Hood Books will be released in 2021 and 2022 and there may be more after that.

What about graphic novels, movies, TV series and publication in other languages?

Robert completed the first Robin Hood book in late 2018 and publication was announced in February 2019. At this early stage, there is no information on translations or other versions, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do!

Who are the books aimed for?

After writing his two giant standalone teen books, Arctic Zoo and Killer T, Robin Hood is aimed at the same kind of audience as CHERUB.

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What order do the CHERUB books go in?

1. The Recruit       9. The Sleepwalker
2. Class A   10. The General
3. Maximum Security     11. Brigands M.C.
4. The Killing   12. Shadow Wave
5. Divine Madness   13. People's Republic
6. Man vs Beast   14. Guardian Angel
7. The Fall   15. Black Friday
8. Mad Dogs   16. Lone Wolf
8.5 Dark Sun (Mini Book)      17. New Guard

Why did you stop writing CHERUB?


I wrote seventeen CHERUB books. That's 6,500 pages and over a million words!
I’m proud these books are so successful and have so many fans around the world. But I was going nuts trying to create fresh CHERUB stories. It was time to move on and write something different.


What is CHERUB: Dark Sun?

Dark Sun was a 118 page limited-edition CHERUB story released in March 2008 to celebrate World Book Day. It is now available as a special edition 'Dark Sun and Other Stories,' which unsurprisingly contains Dark Sun, and some other stories.

What are CHERUB: The Mission and CHERUB: The Dealer?

Both are alternative titles for CHERUB: Class A. The Mission was used for a UK book club. The Dealer is used in the USA.

Will there be more graphic novels?

The first two CHERUB books were published as graphic novels in English and French. My French publisher plans to continue the series with the third book, but sales have not been strong enough for more English editions.

Where can I get a CHERUB T-shirt?

For full details of how to buy CHERUB T-shirts please visit the shop on this website.

For Film & TV questions see HERE

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What is the order of the Henderson’s Boys books?

1. The Escape        5. The Prisoner
2. Eagle Day    6. Secret Army
3. Secret Army    7. One Shot Kill
4. Grey Wolves          

What is Henderson's Boys?

Henderson's Boys is a seven book CHERUB spin-off series. It tells the story of Charles Henderson and the beginning of the CHERUB organization.

The first title, The Escape, was published in March 2009, and the 7th and final title Scorched Earth, came out in early 2013

Will there ever be another Henderson's Boys book?

No. Henderson's Boys is a seven-book series. The story runs from the invasion of France in 1940, through to the liberation of Paris in summer 1944.

Can we expect a Henderson's Boys movie or TV series?

At present we're focusing on a CHERUB TV series.



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What is Rock War?

Rock War is four-book series published between 2014 and 2017.

It tells the story of five groups of teenagers as they form bands, and enter a TV talent show. Some are destined for stardom, while others will vanish back into obscurity!

To celebrate the launch of the series, there was also a mini World Book Day book, called The Audition.

What is the order of the Rock War books

1. Rock War

1.5 The Audition (Mini Book)

2. Boot Camp

3. Gone Wild

4. Crash Landing

Can we expect a Rock War movie or TV series?
It could happen some day, but nothing has happened yet.




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Why do some of your books have a ‘Not suitable for younger readers,' logo and what does it mean?

The logo was added at the request of a UK supermarket. Unlike dedicated book stores, supermarkets don't have enough space to make separate sections for older children. The logo is designed to prevent the books being accidentally bought for very young children.

What age range are your books meant for?

I am very reluctant to put specific ages on my books, because young people vary so much, in terms of reading ability and their taste for the naughty/violent bits…

My books are primarily aimed at kids aged 11+ and most of my readers are aged between 12 & 15.

The Robin Hood series (published 2020) is also suitable for slightly younger readers.

What kind of content can I expect to find in a Robert Muchamore book?

These are the guidelines I try to follow when writing my books:

1. There are no sexual swear words. Each book has roughly the same number of mild swear words in it (Yes, we count them!).

2. Some characters have sex and issues such as contraception, masturbation and sexually transmitted diseases are occasionally touched on. There is no explicit depiction of sexual acts beyond kissing and non-genital touching.

3. Other controversial subjects such as drug abuse, human slavery, brainwashing etc are depicted in the books. Although individual characters may espouse this behavior in specific scenes, the overall message of the story is always that these forms of behavior are unacceptable.

4. The Robin Hood series contains only extremely mild swearing and less sexual content.


Have any Robert Muchamore books been made into a film or TV series?

Not so far!

Are there plans for a film or TV series based on any of your work?

In mid-2017 KOMIXX (Link) optioned the CHERUB series and to make a TV series based on the books.
In April 2018, Sony Pictures Television joined the project, aiming to produce a series.
The project is still in the development stages. Check out my social media and the news section on this website for updates.

When will the CHERUB TV series be released?

The most optimistic schedule is that a series or could begin shooting in late 2019 and be released in late 2020. However, it might take longer, or even not happen at all!

How can I audition for a CHERUB TV show?

There are currently no fixed dates. Casting of child characters is unlikely to take place until the show is ready to start shooting (We could cast someone as James now and find that he's got a beard by the time the movie is ready to be made!).

If there is an open casting, I'll try and put the information on my Twitter and in the news section of this website.


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Do you really answer all your fan e-mails?

I reply to everyone who contacts me by e-mail. Check out the guidelines on the CONTACT page to see how to get in touch.

How come my friend got a reply almost the same as me?

I read and reply to all the e-mails I get. However, there are questions I get asked a lot, so I paste standard answers rather than type the same thing ten times a week!

Do you visit schools?

Sometimes, check out the CONTACT page on this website.

Are you rich?

Obviously, the more books you sell the more money you make. I'm not in the JK Rowling or Bill Gates league, but I do earn a very good income as a writer.

Are you married and do you have kids?

No and no.

Do you have pets?

I have a rhino called Dave...
Actually, that's lie.
He's called Steve.

Do you have brothers and sisters?

I've got a big brother Del, who is an IT teacher, and two older sisters.

Where are you from?

I grew up in Tufnell Park in North London and now live a few miles away in Crouch End.

Where did you go to school?

My primary school was St Johns Upper Holloway and my secondary school was called Acland Burghley.

Where do you get your ideas from?

I get asked this question all the time. It drives me nuts, because I don't really know the answer!
I usually start by picking a topic for a book - like cocaine dealing for CHERUB: Class A - and the ideas slowly come together as I learn about the subject.





What was your inspiration to write books?

I've always read loads, but when I was about 11/12 I got fed up with all the kids' books, but I was still a bit young to get into adult books. I'd always wanted to be a writer and my idea for CHERUB was to try and write the book I was searching for when I was thirteen-years-old.

What is your favorite vegetable?


How long does it take you to write each book?

Typically 3-4 months from starting my research to finishing the first draft. Killer T is longer than my other books and took seven months.

What is your favorite book?

I love Catch 22 by Joseph Heller. I've read it about ten times and it still cracks me up.
My other favorite is In Cold Blood by Truman Capote.

What books do you really hate?

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. I read this for my English GCSE. By the time I'd spent four months reading, re-reading and writing essays on it I wanted to travel back in time and kick Charles Dickens in the nuts.

What books do you recommend for your fans?

It's tough to predict what young readers will like. So, these are not really recommendations, just a few of my personal favorite YA books:

Noughts and Crosses – Malorie Blackman

The Bunker Diary – Kevin Brooks

Junk – Melvin Burgess

Girl Missing – Sophie McKenzie

The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas