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The best way to contact Robert Muchamore is by e-mail:

Robert enjoys hearing from fans. He will reply to you personally, usually within a week unless he is super busy or on holiday.

Answering messages can take up a lot of time, so there are two rules:

  • DO NOT send stories or things you've written. We're sure they're great but Robert won't have time to read them!
  • DO NOT send long lists of questions requiring detailed answers. You'll probably find most of the information you need in the FAQ on this site.

Other contact methods:

Robert DOES NOT reply by post:

  • We strongly encourage use of e-mail to avoid disappointment.
  • If you have a letter written as part of a class project, take a photo with a smartphone and send it as an e-mail attachment.

Messenger, Twitter & Instagram:

  • Robert may respond to some messages on these platforms, but does not check them regularly.
  • Facebook Messenger filters most messages from strangers, so Robert might not see them even if he looks!


Robert usually does a couple of events around World Book Day and tours that coincide with the release date for a new book.
Robert is based in North London. He does not charge for events but you may be asked to contribute to hotel or travel expenses.
There are currently no available event slots, but feel free to contact Robert with your event idea and your details will be held on file.



Please contact Deborah Goodman at DGPR Publicity
020 8959 9980

For urgent requests you can also e-mail Robert directly through


Robert is represented by Clare Pearson at Eddison Pearson

For all publishing, film & other rights queries:


If you spot an error or misprint in a Robert Muchamore book published by Hachette,
contact Rachel Wade:

For Hot Key books contact Felicity Johnston: