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Robert is happy to hear from you but PLEASE read the rules below to make sure you get a reply!

The best way to contact Robert Muchamore is by e-mail:

Robert enjoys hearing from fans. He will reply to you personally, usually within a week unless he is super busy or on holiday.

Answering messages can take up a lot of time, so there are two rules:

  • DO NOT send stories or things you've written. We're sure they're great but Robert won't have time to read them!

  • DO NOT send long lists of questions requiring detailed answers. You'll probably find most of the information you need in the FAQ on this site.

Other contact methods:

Robert DOES NOT reply by post:

  • We strongly encourage use of e-mail to avoid disappointment.

  • If you have a letter written as part of a class project, take a photo with a smartphone and send it as an e-mail attachment.

Messenger, Twitter & Instagram:

  • Robert may respond to some messages on these platforms, but does not check them regularly.

  • Facebook Messenger filters most messages from strangers, so Robert might not see them even if he looks!



Robert usually does a couple of events around World Book Day and tours that coincide with the release date for a new book.
Robert is based in North London. He does not charge for events but you may be asked to contribute to hotel or travel expenses.
Robert will be doing a limited event program to coincide with the release of Robin Hood in April 2020. If you have a pitch for a truly great event involving kids aged 10-13 feel free to get in touch with Robert, or Tina Moires at Hot Key (details below)



Please contact Tina Moires at Hot Key Books
+44 (0) 20 7490 3875

For urgent requests you can also e-mail Robert directly through


Robert is represented by Clare Pearson at Eddison Pearson

For all publishing, film & other rights queries:


If you spot an error or misprint in a Robert Muchamore book published by Hachette (CHERUB, Henderson’s Boys & Rock War),
contact Rachel Wade:

For Hot Key books (Killer T, Arctic Zoo & Robin Hood) contact Felicity Johnston: