Last CHERUB signing!

Waterstones Bluewater, June 4th @ 1pm. Free Cake! Click for details.

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Paperback WOO!

Boot Camp is out now in paperback

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Last CHERUB ever!

James, Bruce, Kyle and Lauren are back, teaming up with the new generation CHERUB agents, fighting Islamic State terrorists in a final, epic mission.


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Rock War II - announced

Rock War: Boot Camp will be released this October. But you can get a tast now, with a sample of the opening chapter.



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FREE Rock War game

Buy Rock War in paperback and get exclusive access to the free Rock War game

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Now in Paperback

CHERUB: Lone Wolf A girl seeks revenge after the death of her mother... Find out more...

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28 Apr 2016 - Last CHERUB book signing ever! FREE CAKE!

New Paperback

Rock War Meet Jay, Summer and Dylan. Can their bands make it into TVs hottest new talent show? click here

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@RobertMuchamore 28 Apr 2016 Last CHERUB book signing ever! FREE CAKE!