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Harry and Charlie are teenagers living in a rapidly changing world. He is a lonely Brit in his first term at a Las Vegas High School. She is an unlikely friend, who gets accused of mixing explosives that blew up a football player.

The two of them are drawn together at a time when gene-editing technology is starting to explode. Now, with a lab in a garage anyone can beat cancer, enhance their brain to pass exams or tweak a few genes for a year-round tan and perfect beach body.

But in the wrong hands, gene editing is the deadliest weapon in history. Killer T is a synthetic virus with a ninety per cent mortality rate, and the terrorists who created it want a billion dollars before they'll release an antidote

Spanning ten years, KILLER T is an unsentimental love story, a tale of human resilience and a novel for our times.

“A pulsating rollercoaster read!”
Daily Express

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After writing twenty-eight series books, it felt like time to write my first standalone! Partly, it was because I wanted the challenge of writing something different. Partly, I was inspired by two of my favorite YA books, Malorie Blackman's Noughts & Crosses and Melvin Burgess' Junk.

While those two books have very different subjects, both are epic stories that follow a teenage couple as they grow and change over several years. Killer T is my attempt to do the same, following Charlie and Harry's relationship as gene editing technology and synthetic viruses start radically altering the world in which we live.

Robert Muchamore


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  • Hardback published September 6th 2018 by Hot Key books.

  • £12.99 Hardback.

  • £7.99 Paperback - Released 11/7/2019

  • Audio & E-book available.

Cool cover by Chris Malbon! Check him out on Instagram @melbs74