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Robert Muchamore explains his unpublished second novel...

I wrote Home back in 2003, when I was twiddling my thumbs waiting to get a publisher for The Recruit.

The book has been available to read on the CHERUB Forums since late 2005. Here are the questions I get asked about it most often:

Is it completely free to download and read Home online?
Yes. Just click on one of the links and start reading!

What is Home about?
Home is the story of two boys who are the only survivors when their plane crashes over Central Africa. It is not a CHERUB story.

How long is it?
About 66,000 words. That's about the same as Class A.

Is it finished?
The book is complete, but it's a first draft that has never been edited, so you'll probably spot errors and typos as you read.

Will Home ever be published as a book?
It's unlikely. I have lots of other projects that I'm more interested in. Also Home has a difficult subject matter and is very violent so most kids publishers would rather drink donkey urine.

Have you written any other unpublished books?
Yes, there are three other stories in my vault. One is a story about two kids who plan a robbery called Little Criminals, there's a story for younger kids called The Savages and a CHERUB story for younger kids called CHERUB Jr.

Finally, is Home any good?
I don't think it's the best thing I've ever written, but quite a few fans on the CHERUB forum have read and enjoyed the book over the last three years. And let's face it, at the current price it's unbeatable value for money!

I hope you enjoy reading Home!

Robert Muchamore.

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