Visitors to Robert Muchamore's new websites will have notied a new site for an all new series. Here's a quick low down on what you can expect from his new series.


What is rock war?
Rock War is the story of five groups of teenagers as they form bands, and enter a TV talent show. Some are destined for stardom, while others will vanish back into obscurity!

Is it like CHERUB?
Yes and no. It's more of a drama than a thriller like CHERUB. But there's still loads of action and just like CHERUB it's about kids who get to leave home and do really cool stuff!

How many Rock War books will there be?
There will be four Rock War books, published one per year beginning in February 2014. To celebrate the launch of the series, there will also be a mini World Book Day story, called The Audition.

When's it out?

The first Rock War book will be released on Feb 27th 2014.


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